There are a lot of different protections that you can get through the government to ensure that no one else is able to use your ideas as their own. Whether you come up with a new invention, you are looking at creating some creative piece of work, or you have some other ideas along the way, it is important to look at ways that you can protect your property and keep safe the entire time. One of these is a trademark. But what is a trademark and why is it important?


A trademark is going to be any design, symbol, word or phrase that is going to help identify your services or goods. This is going to be the way that your customers can recognize you when they are shopping and it is a good way to make sure you stand out from the competition. The word trademark can either be the service mark or the trademarks depending on the situation. The difference is that trademark is going to be for goods you sell, and the service mark is for the services you offer.


Some of the components that come up when you are looking at a trademark includes:


# It identifies the source of your services and goods that you have for sale.
# It is a way to legally protect your brand and keep it safe.
# Will help guard you against fraud and counterfeiting.


There are some misconceptions that can come up when we talk about a trademark. For example, one of the most common ones is that if you have a trademark, this means that you legally own a phrase or a word and that no one else is allowed to use it. You can’t have rights to a word or phrase, but you can have it in terms of how that phrase or word is used for your business.


For example, you can have a logo as your trademark for your woodworking business to help show who you are against others in the some field. This doesn’t mean that someone isn’t able to do something similar to that trademark or that logo in other fields that they want to sell in. It just stops other woodworking services from being able to.


Trademark law can get confusing, especially if you have not worked in it a lot. And trying to defend your own trademark can take a lot of time and is difficult, even when it is important. That is why you need to work with our team to help provide you with the help necessary when a trademark infringement has occurred, protecting your money and some of your rights at the same time. Contact our team today to get started and to discuss your case.