Crickets can be a common insect that can get around your commercial property. They are known for having a chirping sound that may remind you about summer, but they can get annoying and may cause some problems for you and your customers if you allow them to stick around. There are two types of crickets that are common including the field cricket and the house cricket. They are going to be a little bit different, but you need to watch out for both of them as well.


These insects can be beneficial for your garden because they can help to keep away a lot of other insects like mites and aphids. They will even help you to stop the spread of leaves and weeds around your garden as well. If you have a large population of them, they can destroy some of the landscaping that you have around your business, but if one or two are there, it is generally not seen as a bad thing.


One cricket that tends to cause a lot of problems though are the mole crickets. Unlike some of the other types of crickets we talked about, these are going to cause a lot of devastation to your lawns. They will uproot grass by making tunnels under the ground, eat grass and the roots so it won’t grow back, and cause a disturbance in the soil as well. This is not fun for your business and if you start to see some of the signs that this is going on, then you probably need to call the professionals in to help.


Getting rid of any type of cricket, including the mole cricket, can take some time. You should start by cleaning up all of the places that the crickets like to hide, like stacks of wood, leaf piles, or other plant debris. Make sure that you have your lawn at the right height so that you can see when the crickets are coming in and get soil that is full of nutrients. You can also add soapy water to it before an insecticide because this can often help out quite a bit.


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