Spotting one or two isolated ants in your home isn’t an issue. No matter the location you reside in, you’ll always have a few ants running around. However, an ant infestation is a different story. Looking at a mass of these insects can cause a disgusting sight.

If you’ve ever noticed, ants like to congregate in the kitchen since it’s the part of the home where they can get food and moisture. Catching sight of a couple of ants in your kitchen can sometimes mean that there’s a whole army coming your way soon. In this case, you’ll need to hire a company that performs fumigations in Eugene.

Below, you’ll get to explore the various ways you can prevent ants from taking control of your kitchen.

Get Rid of Spills Instantly

One of the biggest things that attracts ants is food or liquid spills. The moment there’s a spill from a drink, liquid from fruit, or food, you need to get a paper towel to get rid of it. Failure to do so will have you dealing with an ant infestation within a couple of hours.

Avoid Leaving Dishes in the Sink

You need to cultivate the habit of washing dishes immediately after you’re done using them. If you have a dishwasher, there’s no reason you can’t place them directly into the machine when you’re done eating.

The longer your dishes stay out in the open, the higher the probability of ants invading your kitchen.

Ensure Proper Storage of Food

You need to seal your food in bags and containers to stop ants from accessing it. You can store food in the refrigerator as well.

If you like to consume sugary foods, you also need to store them well since ants can pick out the smell of sugar from 60 feet away.

Deal With Leaks Instantly

Ants thrive in areas with a lot of moisture. The moment you spot a leaky sink or dripping faucet, you need to fix the issue quickly. If not, you’d be providing the ant with ‘comfort’ in its dream habitat.


Take Out the Trash

Try to mentally make a list of the items you throw into the trash. When you’ve created that catalog, you’ll get to understand why ants are usually found inside and near trash bins.

To prevent ants from making your kitchen their breeding zone, you need to use a sealed trash can. Also, if you have kids, you need to inform them about how to dispose of trash properly without spilling food and liquid down the side of the trash can.