When you originally signed the lease for your apartment, you were planning to stay there for the whole year, or for however long your lease stated that you could be there. This was there to help the landlord know that you would be there as a steady tenant for a long time, and gave you stability when it came to having a place to call home and rent staying the same. But there are situations that can come up along the way and you need to consider how you will handle it if you need to move out of your apartment before the lease is done.


Many people consider subletting. This can be a good option if you still have some time on your apartment lease and have to move, or even if you just need to be gone for a few months and then will come right back due to work or other obligations. You would find someone else to take over the lease for that time, paying for the rent and living there, so you would not technically break the lease or run into other problems as well.


However, you need to read through the lease to figure out whether this is something the landlord allows or not. Sometimes the landlord will allow this, but you will need to run the potential subletter by them before they move in, giving the landlord a chance to do a background and credit check on them. Also, remember that if they are approved, you are still the one held responsible for any late rent or damages that occur to the apartment.


If your lease does not allow for subletting, then it is time to look at whether you will need to break your lease or not. There is often a penalty for this if you are not willing to stay for the entire term of the lease, so make sure that you are aware of and able to afford the penalties for breaking your lease before you even sign it.


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