The principle of the 4g lte gps tracking device remote control system is as follows: When the vehicle is equipped with a gps positioning device and the configuration of the control oil pump and the total power supply of the car, the two-way data flow between the vehicle and the monitoring center can be realized in real time through the wireless data network.

When the positioning platform or APP finds that the vehicle is abnormal, such as the location is beyond the scope of the company's operation, it will issue an alarm, and the personnel on duty can view the vehicle condition in real time. If it is judged to be an emergency, it can issue instructions to the control system on the vehicle through the wireless data network to cut off the oil pump and the main power supply of the vehicle. And according to the car positioning platform to view the location of the vehicle, sent personnel to deal with.

Mobile Communications TK116 car locator is a powerful GPS locator. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, etc., remote positioning, oil cut-off, remote mobile phone, computer at any time to view the position. It also has the function of listening and SOS.

4g lte gps tracking device