Here are four effective betting tips over and under to bet on European odds that even beginners can apply immediately:
Read betting tips
Observe bookmaker odds fluctuations
Consider the importance of the match
European odds are often chosen by players at bookmakers. Learn the most recommended ways to bet on European odds by experts today through the following content!
What are European odds?
European odds, commonly known as 1X2 odds, are one of the most basic football betting concepts that every player needs to understand. The European odds are extremely simple, requiring players to bet on one of three possible outcomes in a match:
1 (Home team): This bet indicates that the home team will win the match.
X (Draw): Predicts that the match will end in a draw.
2 (Away team): This bet predicts that the away team will win.
As can be seen, European odds do not require players to consider different odds but simply predict the match's outcome in the simplest way. For this reason, this type of bet is always loved and chosen by players the most today.
The 4 Most Effective Ways to Bet on European Odds Today
European odds allow players to participate in football betting without needing to calculate too much. However, to make money from bookmakers, players need to pocket effective betting strategies from previous players:
Consult reliable betting information
Football betting news is frequently shared and posted by experts and football enthusiasts on various online platforms. Refer to reliable sources recommended by many players to update important information about lineups, player performance, or potential match details.
Additionally, betting tip sites will also predict match outcomes for players to reference, including 1×2 bet predictions.
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#2. Monitor the Odds Fluctuations of the Bookmaker Before the Match
The odds will be frequently updated by the bookmaker starting a few days before the match. Keep an eye on these fluctuations to assess the bookmaker's perspective on the match.
For example, low odds indicate a high probability of winning, whereas high odds suggest a lower chance of victory. Similar to strategies in virtual football betting, this will help you stay closely aligned with the match situation and choose the most suitable betting option.
#3. Choose Odds Based on the Importance of the Match
In some cases, the outcome of a match can be significantly influenced by the importance of the tournament or the match itself. For instance, derby matches or title-deciding games will see teams putting in maximum effort compared to friendly matches. Therefore, it's not always the stronger team that will win; you should consider the overall context of the match!
#4. Utilize the Double Chance Bet Type if Available
On some online betting sites, in addition to the usual 1x2 odds, there is also the Double Chance bet type, which allows players to predict 2 out of 3 possible outcomes.
1X: Bet on the home team to win or the match to end in a draw.
X2: Bet on the away team to win or the match to end in a draw.
12: Bet that the match will not end in a draw, meaning either the home team or the away team will win.
These types of bets generally have lower odds since they cover more outcomes than regular European odds, but they also significantly reduce the risk of losing the bet.
Where to Bet on European Odds for Easy Wins?
European 1x2 odds are the most basic football betting odds and are available at almost all online bookmakers. However, to bet effectively and ensure a higher winning rate, players should only participate in reputable and legally licensed betting sites.
Reputable bookmakers are leading most bookmaker ranking lists chosen by experts. European odds are considered accurate and have higher odds compared to the market average, making them worth exploring and experiencing.
Above are the most effective ways to bet on European odds as revealed by football betting experts. Hopefully, this information football tips site will help you profit from this simple yet interesting betting type!