At Cinema Con in Las Vegas, for one, stepped out wearing an de la mini dress shaped into a flower petal. Very on theme for the upcoming, which has a Garden of Time dress code. If fashion is supposed to be aspirational, and aging is an inevitable part of life, then these are women we can trust to show us the way. We reached out to four models who walked many of the shows this season to tells us what it feels like to be setting trends and changing paradigms in their own words. Numerous high profile couples have made their debut at the walked the for the first time together in, wearing futuristic get ups inspired by the year technology theme; in a space age, chic Tommy gown and in a suit with robotic style s ves. For other couples, the has served as the backdrop for their meet cute. In his four decade career, he'd never had such a f before It the first time I've traveled to a country solely through scent. There was this idea of this world of masculinity, and playing with the risk factor of using materials and shapes that no one else would feel safe doing on stage.

For fall 2024, the overflowing tote was replaced by two or three bags intertwined and clipped together all different by design for an artful juxtaposition. painted a detailed picture of the quintessential city dweller, sending large patina satchels adorned with quilted Tabby bags, Yankees caps, and other NYC related key chains down the runway. It hasn't stopped raining this Fashion Month since New York, and while that might have put a few in a cloudy mood, the fashion crowd is prevailing in their best fits. Were seeing hats the size of chokers, and a Gallery Dept Shirts Sale mix of a few tailored looks. Whether you opt for a classic diamond, a traditional version with a twist, a vintage inspired design, a dramatic all in one band, or something and truly wild, your ring will be as glorious, and, we hope, as long lived! as the relationship it celebrates. And there no denying the enduring appeal of s k, streamlined black leather tote bag.

The goal for the artist is to ensure that visitors can immerse them sees in her colorful world. I want adults to play dress up, to feel like kids again, and not to take them sees so seriously, says. I flew from and flew from Los Angeles straight to the fitting; it just had to work. We join Facebook groups about it. I have desired from the moment I arrived at eight years ago to come here and realize this show, she said. People who love The Idea of You do so with borderline unhealthy obsessiveness. There even a name for us a portmanteau inspired by the fictional couple. We're wooed not just by the travel, the copious, deftly written sex, or the overlap between the two Hayes ministering to atop a yacht in Anguilla springs to mind, but the subversiveness of a May December romance in which a woman is the elder the all too rare story about a woman apping 40 and reclaiming her sexuality and rediscovering herself, as me, just at the point that society traditionally writes women off as desirable and viable and whole.