Nowadays, no matter what industry, it is mechanized, such as garden pruning this piece, the machine can save time and save a lot of labor. The lithium tea plucking machine is a mechanical tool used to trim lawns and vegetation. The output shaft of the motor is equipped with a blade. The blade makes use of the high-speed rotation of the motor to improve the trimming speed. Save the weeder's time. However, after a long time of use, the lithium tea plucking machine will also have various problems, which will be introduced to you today.

1. Mowing is weak

Check that the blade is sharp and needs sharpening if it is dull. In addition, whether the lawn leaves are thick, if so, the grass cutting speed should be reduced to reduce the motor load.

2. Battery problems

With the increase of the working time of the motor, the supporting lithium battery will heat up, and the original supporting lithium battery has a cooling system. Even so, in the actual use process, it is recommended that after a long time of use, you need to rest for a period of time, not only to let the temperature of the supporting lithium battery drop, but also to let the operator take a rest.

The lithium tea plucking machine has a simple structure and no major problems in normal use. However, the supporting lithium battery is a special product, once there is a failure, the user needs to contact the manufacturer to return to the factory for maintenance, do not disassemble without authorization, which may cause secondary damage.

lithium tea plucking machine