Whatever the theme, many famous pairs have coordinated their looks for the stylish affair. As for the fact that several of the pieces on display have now outlived their wearers, Walker drew a parallel back to the music. Although we can only sneak a peak at what emerging from the Grammy winning singer favorite purse, we can only imagine what she has inside. When not sporting leather or denim, show goers are making their fashion statement with a 2 for 1 bag situation one for the photo op and the other to carry around all of their show invites. I let him know how prestigious this is and why it was so worth it for kids coming in that what its all about, said Lenny S, an industry veteran connected to Nation, with many of the artists on speed dial. It marked one of the brand first major moments since his appointment, and totally committed to the s k design by completely matching her hair and shoes to it, of course.

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This year the shows theme is a little more esoteric than usual. Of course, there was a lot of preparations that went into the group set, during which they performed hits and Smart. It is a privilege to make films, said during her acceptance speech. From the moment of birth, scents establish a connection to our parents, later attracting us to people and places and sparking our curiosity, the curators note in the exhibition catalog. Shutting down the property lounge and side terrace for the private event, a bevy of well dressed individuals, and of course, the leading lady of the hour, stopped by for a few cocktails before ultimately turning in for the night. We don't know about you, but we could spend hours and hours gawking Gallery Dept Clothing at street style photos during fashion month. In New York, street style stars sd the ly shoes in a variety of ways. Blame it on all the recent office birthday parties, but we've started noticing the differences and similarities in how each sign dresses.