There are a lot of different things to consider when trying to figure out whether you want to stay in your current apartment or move somewhere else. Your current apartment may come with some roommates, which has some positives and negatives at the same time. Figuring out whether you like your roommates and would like to continue living with them in your current apartment or you would like a new apartment where the space is all your own can be an important decision.


Depending on who you choose as your roommate, you will find that some roommates will make the rental experience a lot of fun and can enhance it. But then there are some horrible roommates and by the time your lease is done, you can’t wait to move on and never hear from them again. If you currently have good roommates that you get along with and enjoy spending time with, then you may want to consider renewing the lease and staying in the same area.


However, it is possible that you are in a roommate situation where the roommate is not a lot of fun and you just want to move on. If you are living with a nightmare roommate and that person is not likely to leave any time soon, then you may want to consider moving out when the lease is all done. You can then decide whether your new apartment is going to have roommates, which you need to screen first to make sure that they are a good match, or if you are going to choose to move into an apartment on your own.


The decision is up to you. Just remember that having roommates can make the apartment more affordable since you can split the rent. But if you like having some of that peace and quiet when you come home and just do not want to risk having the roommate situation go poorly again, then finding a studio or one-bedroom apartment can give you this while keeping things as affordable as possible.


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