There are a lot of obligations that the landlord will need to keep up with when you move in as their tenants. They will often focus on some of the different obligations that the tenant needs to follow, such as when and how much to pay in rent and even what happens when it is time for the tenant to move out or break the lease. But before you sign a lease and decide to work with a landlord in the first place you need to understand some of your rights as a tenant and what obligations the landlord needs to meet as well.


One of the obligations of the landlord is that they need to be accessible. They don’t need to have their phone glued to them and be able to answer at the drop of a hat, but they also shouldn’t take weeks to get back to you about something important. They need to be accessible and easy enough to get a hold of so that you can get your questions and concerns handled.


Emergencies are going to happen, especially if you live in the apartment for a long time. And when these emergencies do happen, it is very important that you will be able to get ahold of the landlord. Even when there isn’t a lot of urgency to your request, but you need something fixed or have a question, you should still have a way to get ahold of the landlord without having to wait a long time. This is what we mean when we talk about being accessible.


This means that the landlord needs to provide you with the information necessary to get ahold of them. At a minimum, this is going to be their name and phone number, though sometimes it is going to include an address and alternate people you can get ahold of if you have a problem. This is often provided in your lease, so take some time to check out that document if you have some questions. 


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