One thing that all landlords need to provide their tenants when the tenant move sin is a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. These could be the difference between life and death if something does go wrong and you should not move into the apartment at all if you do not have one of these in place. You should even consider testing them with the landlord present when you do your walk-through before moving in to ensure that they are going to work and that you won’t run into trouble with them at all.


You also need to periodically check that the batteries are in good working order when you move into the apartment. If you do a check of them with the landlord before moving in, this should help you know that they are working and that you do not need to change them for some time. If your landlord can’t tell you the last time that the batteries were replaced, then ask them to do it with you there before you move in. You do not want them to fail when you need them most and it is always better to replace the batteries more often than you think is necessary to be safe.


If you live in the apartment for more than a year, you can talk to the landlord about replacing the batteries again before your lease renews. It only takes a few minutes to get it done and it can keep you safe if something does happen. You need to replace the batteries in both of these detectors, unless you have some hybrid option that has them both together. If the landlord is fighting you on this or is busy and can’t come over to get it done, then you should do it. They are inexpensive and easy to replace on your own, making it an easy task for you to do on your own. Do not choose to move into an apartment that does not have one or both of these detectors because it can be risky.


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