One of the biggest complaints that tenants are going to have when they move into an apartment is that their toilet does not work. This seems like a simple thing, but if you do not have a working toilet because something got clogged and is not letting the water go down, then you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible. There could be a major problem going on here and you want to make sure it is under control as soon as possible.


However, if you are throwing things other than toilet paper down the toilet, you are going to make the landlord upset. The toilet is not a trash can and you should not be throwing a lot of other things down it in order to get rid of them. You should never flush anything, no matter what, down the toilet that isn’t considered toilet paper. Even the wipes that state they are flushable are not safe for the toilet and can end up clogging it all.


Any other item than toilet paper can cause clogs. And when these clogs get bad, they are going to cause flooding and other issues down the line. The landlord is going to have to pay a big amount to get a plumber in there to fix the issue, and they will not be happy when they find out that you are throwing the wrong things down the toilet that should not be over there. And since it can take longer to get the toilet unclogged in an appointment because you have to call the landlord and then call someone else, this can make the issue a million times worse.


The best way to prevent this is to make sure that you are not throwing the wrong things down the toilet in the first place. Do not throw anything but toilet paper down there, no matter how tempting it is. And consider getting some drain covers for the bath drain, shower drain, and the sink drain so that hair does not go down those and cause some of the same issues with clogging as well.


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